My Dream Well

A shaft of sunlight penetrates the dense fores...

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My muses have a beautiful Dream Space to play in.

They spend most of their time on a lovely ocean-y beach that’s connected to a dense, canopied forest. In that forest is a Dream Well. My muses gather and weave together random snippets of inspiration from this Dream Well  to create dreamscapes that will eventually become a part of the Space. Sometimes, the dreamscape is laugh out loud surreal. Other times, it’s so dark and malformed, that the muses need to burn away its memory, and send its ashes into the vast ocean before it can taint their space. Usually, though, the muses enjoy creating more and more dreamscapes, knowing that the more vibrant and rich the dreams are, the more their Space will expand.

Between my voracious reading habit, and working in the service industry, I usually have enough daily doses of inspiration to add to the Dream Well. I even take one full day each week completely devoted to reading, scribbling, and whatever else will keep the Well full and exciting. But, last week has been too full of trips to urgent care for the husband, meetings for the paythebills job, and sleepless (read: dreamless) nights, so, my Dream Well is kind of stale and stagnant for the moment.

Today will be filled with active dreaming and giving my muses more to play with than business meetings. On the agenda will be the last few episodes of Fringe that I missed, followed by a stack of books that I got from the library.

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