I Go Without


Henry Rollins

“I stay out late
I go long
I lose sleep
I go without
I go long
I go all night, go all night
I make the colors go
I push my senses out

I keep my existence lean
I starve.”

For the past two weeks, I could have authored “Starve.”  I’ve had to cover for a sick co-worker, and so have only had one full day off for the past fourteen days.  It’s been hard to accomplish the things that I’ve wanted to do (write, read, sleep) when I barely had time to do the things I needed to do (pay the bills, train, eat).

But, since this is the Year of No Excuses, I channeled my focus away from those things that I can’t control toward things that I can.  So, even though I haven’t had much time to sleep (let alone blog), I still kept my priorities: I added to my WIP (Scrapped) everyday, even if it was just a line or two.  And, I read a few books.

Ever since I wrote my guest post for Sierra’s Writing Adventure, the words “Your time is limited…” has been weighing heavily on me, a reminder to focus on my goal (become a published novelist), and those things that would lead me to my goal.  So, even though reading and writing don’t seem like lofty goals, when time is even more limited than usual, I sometimes had to choose between reading or writing or a full night’s sleep.  I had to strip “life” down to the bare essentials and focus on what will set me up for success in the future.  Since I want to be a published novelist, the essentials became: write a lot and read a lot.  Everything else was secondary.

SO TELL ME: What have YOU sacrificed to get you to your goal?