Snippets Captured in My Moleskine

An homage of sorts to my Moleskine notebook and the random snippets I am enabled to scribble into it, so quickly at times, that I don’t remember the context of said snippets. Oh well.

April 23, 2009: The princess better join a gym, buy a gun, finish college, get that promotion and save herself because no one is riding to the rescue. (I don’t remember where I culled this from…)

“The muse cannot resist a working writer.” Bradbury

April 26, 2009: Moments that are casual make the most indelible imprints in our minds. I think that’s why death and trauma make such an impact on our psyche. We don’t ever plan on dying, or prepare ourselves for a death, at least not normally. It’s usually during those everyday moments when the mind is open and unguarded that the stamp of death sears itself in the witness’s brain. Ever remembered, never forgotten. (I wonder what happened to have prompted me to write this?)



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