The Good Life

On any given day, if you were to wonder where I am, I’m at my paythebills job.

However, even though I may work 7-10 day stretches before a day off, all that time barely registers a footnote in my consciousness. Because, what I choose to remember are the quiet everyday things that I have come to cherish (probably because of The Job).

For example, I feel like I just got back from my family vacation/road trip out east, even though that was over two weeks ago. I keep thinking about all the fun times we had, especially since I see my family, oh, once a year. Plus, I love road trips with the husband, and look forward to another one soon (maybe out west this time).

We didn’t even do much with my family. We had great dinners for both my brother’s birthday, and for my sister’s baby shower. We picked up food from a local farm. Watched Cowboys and Aliens (which I couldn’t help viewing from a writer’s perspective).

Even now, on my day off, I’m nearly giddy that I can pick up a book (Eona) that I requested from my local library, and I’m reveling in the mere thought of adding more words to my story. By the way, the best part is that I don’t feel the immense pressure that I Must Finish The Story Now, or else I’ll miss out on some Great Opportunity, like I felt earlier this year.!/SmashFit/status/100941549071900672

Not to say that I won’t work hard for my goals, because I still will. I don’t think I know how to give less than my best. I’ve just decided that my goals don’t mean anything if they are separate from my real joys in life. I don’t want to throw away the beauty, love, and joy that’s right in front of me now for a future version of the same thing (especially, if I can have both).

Anyway, the “little” things…dinner conversations, reading great books through the night, road trips, movie and/or dinner outings…are the moments that live forever in my mind. They are what I choose to recognize as My Life. I want to get to the point where I can have more of these moments, but am thankful for the moments I have now.


6 thoughts on “The Good Life

    • Liza Kane says:

      Yes, because of this blog post and you, I’ve had this song in my head for the last week! ^_^
      I say that I want to “shoot myself in the face” but same thing, tomato, to-Mah-toe 😉

  1. Michele Shaw says:

    So beautiful, Liza! And I agree! The small moments are what’s important, and they happen every single day. Always looking to the future can cloud the joy we have in the moment. I can’t wait until we share another dinner and conversation time together. You are a treasure to know and be around.

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