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Since my last Work In Progress post, I have cobbled together my re-envisioning of the story, including a semi-new beginning and tweaking what I wrote so far to create a semblance of cohesion. I also sketched out the next few chapters, and am honestly excited to see what happens next. It’s sort of thrilling to get to new territory, especially since I lived in the first part of WIP2 for a couple of months. I feel like I knew that terrain, and how my characters would react there. I like the familiarity of those older, more established scenes, and love being able to add details here and there with each read-through.

But, now that I’m moving toward this really new next part where MC will be facing new characters and settings and challenges, I’m feeling my “blank page” issues a little bit. No matter how often I feel like I’ve conquered that little anxiety (believe me, I’m set up with affirmations and action plans galore!), it’s still there, noodling around in the back of my mind.

I know that I’m not really facing a blank page, and that I have a lot of material to get out of my head and on to the page. I just wish that The Looming Doubts weren’t, I dunno, genetically hardwired to my Ideas of Awesome That Must Be Written.

Anyway, I read these posts this morning. In their own way, they lessened the Looming Doubts, and increased the Ideas of Awesome.


10 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Deana Barnhart says:

    I am exactly the same way. I find that when I come to a new scene sometimes fear locks me up completely and I stall. When I finally push that stupid voice out of my head I can write and I wonder why I acted that way at all. Us writers are a weird bunch:)
    Good luck on the next pages!

    • Liza Kane says:

      Thank you, and I KNOW RIGHT?? My muses need to learn ninja fighting skills or something, to beat back that annoying doubting voice!! I end up writing through it anyway, so if the doubting voices can just sshhhh! then the process will go So. Much. Faster!

    • Liza Kane says:

      Thanks Shannon! I generally cringe my way through a page or two until I get warmed up and immersed in the story again. Hopefully, after a few days of this cringing, my muses will just take over. I’m starting to get a weird neck cramp 😉

  2. Michael McDuffee says:

    Whenever I hit a blank page moment, I just write the scene I do know. There’s always one – even if it isn’t the one I planned on working on that day. Things will tie together, and it always helps to just start typing something.

    • Liza Kane says:

      Yes, I cringe and roll my eyes at myself a lot but I do crawl my way through a page until I get my groove back. This is why I tend to write late at night: I’m generally less self-conscious, and more sleep deprived. That way, if I write really weird stuff, I can just blame the lack of sleep!

  3. Michele Shaw says:

    Aw! Thanks for listing my blog! I read that “What’s a Girl Worth?” post and WOW! Amazing stuff. Thanks for that link. I loathe the blank page, but that’s where it all starts and we get past it each time. Sometimes with a friend, a drink, or a piece of chocolate, but we get there when it’s time:) xo

    • Liza Kane says:

      You’re welcome! And, I know right??
      Anyway, I get over my issues because I secretly love doing things that scare the crap out of me. So, I’m not only a caffeine junkie, I seem to be an adrenaline junkie, too 😉

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