Share the Love: A Need via Carolina Valdez Miller

My friend, Carol Miller, has volunteered to go on a Medical Mission to Haiti this January. As part of this mission, all serving are expected to raise funds for supplies and prescription medicine, and also bring as much over-the-counter medicine as they can carry.

Carol’s words are so much better than what I can express…

An excerpt:

“So what I’m asking of you is to search deep inside yourself and do only what you can. Of course, your emotional support is just as valuable to me as anything else, but if you can spare even a dollar, less than the cost of a cup of coffee, that’s a box of children’s vitamins from the dollar store–at minimum.”

…so please visit her blog if you are moved in any way to support this mission, even if it’s just to comment and lend emotional support; share the love in any way you can. Thank you.

Information about Carol’s trip in January

Locale: Medical clinic volunteers for Mission Haiti Medical will reside on the compound of L’Eglise De Dieu Reformee in Saintard, Haiti. Saintard is a small village in the Arcahaie region of Haiti, about 30 miles northwest of Port AuPrince, Haiti’s capital.

Accommodations: Accommodations are meager and volunteers are asked to share rooms with other volunteers. The sleeping quarters are open-air, but protected from rain by an overhead roof. Running water for the restroom and showers is used conservatively. Clean drinking water is provided at all times. Electricity and telephone services are unreliable and availability cannot be guaranteed.

Schedule: A Mission Haiti Medical work camp lasts 7-10 days. Three to five days are devoted to mobile clinics, in which the team travels to a rural area to provide a one-day clinic. These are full days and may involve driving through rough terrain and a few hours of mountain hiking. A mobile clinic requires medical professionals, but also relies on a team of persons to assist with procedures,
crowd control, and dispensing medications.
Language: The spoken language is Haitian Creole. Interpreters are used in the clinics.



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