That Moment

Today is officially spring.

And, to mark the occasion, the magnolia tree outside my living room’s picture window burst into color, seemingly over night. The change in view was so dramatic, I blinked at the tree for a few moments, wondering where it came from (admittedly, I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so my brain was still asleep).

View from inside my living room. Looking out my picture window is better than TV, especially in the height of summer with all the woodland critters out and about.

Of course, the tree didn’t exactly bloom over night. For months, it was there, all awkward and spindly, slowly waking up after winter, grumbling and stretching and feeling for the sunshine in all the gray.* 

A lot of unseen processes skittered about beneath the surface, preparing the tree to flower at just the right time. Despite the unusually warm winter. Despite the other flowers that bloomed prematurely in February. Despite all other reason for it to bloom earlier because conditions seemed right, it waited to bloom when it was ready.

When that moment arrived, it was startling. It was as if before that moment, I only saw the idea of the tree. A shadow of its true tree self. And, though it took its time to show me what it really is, it’s still beautiful in its own right, and just as beautiful as the other trees that bloomed before it.

Magnolia tree blossom. I had to take the picture quickly because the birds and squirrels were angry that I disrupted their hang out.

*Note: this may not be scientifically accurate.


21 thoughts on “That Moment

    • Liza Kane says:

      This tree was a lovely surprise when we moved to our house a few years ago! I look forward to it blooming each spring, and it honestly surprises me every time!
      Thank you for visiting 🙂

  1. D.B. Smyth (@DB_Smyth) says:

    I keep coming back to this post to read it so I thought I should leave an actual comment, hehe. Love your message! As always, I appreciate your insight, inspiration and wisdom. I think this will be a favorite post for a long time. *hugs*

  2. Michele Shaw says:

    I keep hoping I’ll know when my moment is, but I don’t think we are supposed to ahead of time. We work and do what makes us happy, and that is a moment unto itself each day. If there is to be a bigger moment, when it’s time, boom, it happens! Cheers to you and your moment!

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