Huzzah, and the Magic of Being in My Pretty Purple Robe!

I had a cute little conversation this morning with another Tweep, and she convinced me that my pretty purple robe definitely qualified as a swirly cape.  I promptly replied that I was so happy that I can now swagger around my house and declare, “Huzah!” at inanimate objects, and they must obey me!  First up, my coffeemaker!  (Didn’t I warn you that I’m a little goofy in the morning?)

So, I know that I’ve said maybe once or twice that I want to be a full-time-writer-specifically-novelist.  But, I wanted to step back and acknowledge the fact that I am in a position at my paythebills job that allows me to be in my pretty purple robe on most (90%) mornings, and considering all the jobs that I could have had to pay my bills, I am extremely thankful.  I recognize that I have a perfect situation to write before and after The Job, giving me literally hours to work on The Novel in my pretty purple robe. (coughcoughwhenidon’tturnonsocialmediacoughcough)

Among other things I get to do in my pretty purple robe is read through other authors’ journeys and get a “second wind” whenever I feel a little tired of this effort.  I can see the obstacles they’ve gone through (mostly, mental and emotional obstacles, huh, imagine that), and see that the only difference between a published, full-time writer and an unpublished part-time writer (or, full-time scribbler) is the discipline and persistence of staying in The Novel and getting that Bad Boy DONE!

So, with 75 days till the end of November, I am committing this blog to my Novel’s journey, and making myself accountable to its progress.

In 75 days, I will hold a finished rough draft with all its flaws and imperfections and declare it beautiful and glorious.  I am proud of it, and of myself for finishing and accomplishing my goal.  I am also looking forward to the next phase of revisions and polishing and otherwise prettying it up for submission.

“Huzzah!” I say, and it was so.

Technically, it's metallic lilac 😉 If you were curious, I bought it 5 years ago, at Victoria's Secret: a satin-y, ankle-length, belted robe with flannel lining. Pretty much perfect.


7 thoughts on “Huzzah, and the Magic of Being in My Pretty Purple Robe!

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    My first draft is so far behind that I don’t remember writing it. I must have done it. It’s here, revised and revised and revised. Ha! I’m sure you will proceed with more speed than I did toward your goal. Best wishes to you as you carry on in your pretty purple robe.

    • Liza Kane says:

      Thanks Carol! Yeah, the revisions are going to be awesome, but one goal at a time 🙂 Just finishing to me would be such a relief! (It’s like I have all these other voices clamoring in my head, now that I’m planning this story out, that want to be made into stories of their very own. Really, folks? One at a time, one at a time!)

  2. Agatha82 says:

    Your paythebills job sounds really good if you have that much freedom. Congrats on the progress you’ve made and you’ll get there before you know it and will have the fun of revising and revising and wait, more revising 😉
    The one thing I would say is ENJOY writing that first draft because it’s a special thing and I kind of wish I’d paid more attention to when I was writing mine. Now, after draft number ? I look back fondly on that first draft but onwards and upwards and it’s all a good learning experience

    • Liza Kane says:

      Yeah, I’m the store manager of a specialty retail store, so I still have my 40+ hours a week, but at least in a way that allows me to stay up till 1-2am and wake up at 7 or 8am, and still be productive (writing, work, work out, read…pretty good schedule) 😉
      My other managers think I work too much and often times tell me to come n late or go home early…sometimes I just think they want me out of their hair 😉
      That’s also why my goal is set till the end of November: once December rolls around, my weeks end up being 50-60+ hours, and the New Year rolls around in a blink. My 31st birthday is soon after that, and I have on my “list” that I wanted to finish a novel by the time I’m 30…so this would be the novel.
      I will enjoy every moment…I kinda wish I had more post-its so I can remember every last thought that flits into my mind around this journey 😉

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