2 thoughts on “So You Want To Be a Writer

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    What a good video, Liza! Like the ambitious writer in the story, most young writers feel talent is paramount. Perhaps if they knew the whole story, they’d be too discouraged to write. While talent may be necessary, it is like the main ingredient in a complicated recipe. Try serving the main ingredient. Ha! Blessings to you…

    • Liza Kane says:

      I know, forget the discipline and HARD WORK it takes to complete a story, let alone doing it again and again…and that’s the good scenario! The waiting and the rejections and the waiting….that’s the killjoy! But, at least I’m just doing this for fun right now and have other things to keep my attention occupied!
      I need to watch it again…it’s so addictive! ha!

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