O Motivation, Where Art Thou?

So I’m procrastinating. Ignoring the blank page of my notebook. Unflinchingly staring down the blinking cursor. Blink. Blink. Blink. And, all I can do is laugh. Except not too loudly since I’m in a library.

Yup, I’m at a place where I can usually bust out 5 pages without thinking about it, and here I am giggling over silly pictures on the shiny interwebz. I’m wasting awesome playlist music on random things rather than using it to fuel and focus my work on WIP2.

And, you know what’s even more hilarious? I’m so stinking close to finishing this rough draft, that I can already envision my future self beating up my past self (aka, my current present self) for not finishing sooner.

And all I can do is giggle.

I think my brain is broken.



5 thoughts on “O Motivation, Where Art Thou?

  1. 2blu2btru says:

    I think your motivation ran off with mine, LOL…at least I can use the excuse I am reading “good” writing and studying it to improve my own…whenever I get around to writing. By “good” writing, I mean Eat, Pray, Love. Since I’m working on memoir/creative non-fiction that counts, right? Here’s hoping your motivation comes crawling back to you.

  2. cvaldezmiller says:

    I think it’s the end of a ms funk. It happens to me every time. I can’t say for sure why, except I’ve sort of accepted it. Don’t worry. You’re really close, and soon enough that anxiety to finish will kick in. I would suggest, though, shutting off the Internet. Or going someplace where it’s not available. That will either motivate you or drive you insane.

  3. Michele Shaw says:

    I’m right there with ya! Except I’ve been too busy the last 3 days to do any writing. Now I have 2 free hours, and I just…don’t…wanna. Going to start fresh tomorrow when I have the day free. Yeah, that sounds good…right? 😛

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