How to clarify your priorities and achieve goals that matter.

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We’re on Day 3 of the 7-Day Transform Your Body, Transform Your Mind Challenge.

Just a quick recap: On Day 1, we talked about starting with the end in mind and asking ourselves, “What is the Outcome we want?” From there, we created our MAP—brain vomiting all the tasks that we need to do and grouping them into manageable buckets using “What is the Outcome?” as our filter. The buckets you’re left with should resonate with you as a priority in your life.

Today, we’ll be going a little bit deeper, and name and align our priorities into distinct categories.



These categories are areas of continuous development, where each goal isn’t necessarily an endpoint, rather, when they are achieved becomes a gateway to the Next Level Up. These categories are important to clarify because whatever you choose to focus on will be what gets accomplished.

So, let’s make sure the tasks you’re scheduling as your priorities, really are priority in your life.

Sidenote: I like to call these areas my “Areas of Pride.” I take pride in being a good steward of what’s been given to me, and am empowered when I make changes that directly impact the Outcomes I wish to achieve.  

Here are Three Steps to Clarifying Your Current Priority:

First, list the categories of personal improvement that are important to you. For example, the broad categories could be: Family, Friends, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Professional, Financial.

Next, use language that would resonate with you. If you like things cut and dry, the general list used above could work. I’ll share my list with you to see the language that resonates with me:

Forever Partner in Love and Life. Loyal and Loving Family. Child of God. Lifelong Friendships. Constant Learner/Student. Physical Freedom. Financial Freedom. Generous Giver. Comfortable Home.

This step is worth meditating and spending time on. Language changes our perceptions of things. I choose to use language that is empowering.

For example, knowing that I want Physical Freedom makes exercise and clean eating almost a default response for me; there’s not the sense of deprivation or drudgery. Coupled with being a Constant Learner, I actually make a game out of finding new exercise techniques and healthy recipes.

Then, rank where you are in your categories on a scale of 0-10. If you’re feeling really good about your relationships, they may be an 8 or higher. Maybe you’re feeling so-so about your business, so you’d rank it a 5 or 6. If you don’t remember the last time you had a vegetable, then your physical or health category may be a 2 or 3.

Try to be as objective as possible. This is not about guilt. The point is to honestly assess yourself in the areas that are important to you and see where there are gaps.

Remember: you will make progress on whatever you focus on. These are the areas that produce the most important Outcomes in your life. The areas that have the lowest rank can now be your new current priority.

Now it’s your turn: Write down your personal improvement categories in words that resonates with you the most!

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